Bronze Dragon who seeks to bathe the world in light


Valo was born in the Blade Desert among a lightning breathing clan of Bronze Dragonborn. They were a nomadic clan, so Valo never really felt like he had a home. As time went on he would hear about other races, nations, and the dragonmark. He decided to leave his clan and explore this new world, heading to Sharn to learn all he could. Over time he began to pity the other races, as he was closer to the Dragons, which created the world. The Dragonborn, which are closest to the great Dragons, should be the natural leaders of the world. He seeks the power, enough to become a living God, to bathe the world in radiant light and to lead the lesser races to peace.

The Silver Flame is a false light in his eyes. He has mild disdain for them, and finds their racism petty, as all races are beneath the Dragonborn and Dragons. He finds House Tharashk to be repulsive, as they want to “drive the scales into the ocean”. This amounts to heresy in his eyes and they must be conquered.

Valo looks to Arawai and Bahamut as his dieties and wish to embody their virtues of bringing life, helping others, and being a great and powerful dragon. He hopes to model himself after them as he ascends to his God status.


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